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We’ve all been there…. We buy something because it was the “thing to get” and never get around to using it enough or at all…


I sell my gently used, always cared-for gear when I no longer use it or move up to an upgraded version. 

When I upgrade it doesn't mean that the gear I'm upgraded from is bad or obsolete... I just don't list gear that’s obsolete because… it's obsolete!

All the photos and videos I post of the gear I sell feature a “CLS Visuals” watermark. This is to let buyers know they are pictures of the actual piece of gear for sale. If there are any issues whatsoever with the gear I sell, I will post it in the listing otherwise rest assured that it’s as presented in the photos and listing verbiage. 

Select from any of the platforms (Facebook Marketplace, Focus Gear or eBay) to see my listings. Note that I list different gear in different places at different times, and always prefer the one with the lowest seller fees. If you want to pick it up, I can meet you in New York City's Times Square. There's a parking lot right in the building and the pickup spot is very safe. I also ship anywhere in the USA through the various shopping platforms. (see list to the right)

Contact me if there’s anything special that you’re looking for… it’s possible that I own it and didn’t list it for sale yet. :)

Thanks for your visit!

~ Clarke L. Smith

My Facebook Marketplace

My Gear Focus



My eBay


Shop here if you can pick-up locally in NY City. 

Gear Focus has good Seller Fees and it's my favorite - It also ships worldwide. Select this option if you want it shipped in or outside of the USA

It's eBay - You know how that works! The majority of my listings are "Buy It Now" and rarely auction. 

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