In 2019, I began shooting a documentary short about an Artist named Jonathan Bressler. He was born in France and raised in New York City where he lives and works today. Jonathan has been making beautiful art pieces from various materials including crushed aluminum cans, chains, beads, coins, mirror fragments etc. They are then assembled on wooden boards and stamped with large stencils revealing a particular historical iconographic image. The results give the viewer an assimilation of elements of popular culture merged with imagery from the ancient world. 


I've been lacking a decent demo reel. Most of my work to date has been on TV and due to permissions, what I can actually show on my website is limited by the network I work for.

Luckily I've kept really busy even during the COVID-19 pandemic, so the hopes of making a demo-reel were put on the back-burner.  I hope to be able to update this shortly...   


2020 seemed like such a great year to shoot my first short. A friend asked me to DP a short film he wrote. 


We hope to now begin shooting in March or April 2020. 

The movie title is "Wash N Fold"

I'll keep you updated with more as we progress.